Canary Wharf Offices Lose Nearly £1bn in Value

More than £900mn has been wiped off the value of Canary Wharf Group’s office buildings, as the financial district landlord secured backing from lenders for a £553mn debt deal. The developer and manager of the London docklands estate reported a 14.7 per cent annual fall in the value of its property holdings to £6.8bn in 2023. Independent valuers heavily marked down its office buildings, which make up a majority of the portfolio, to £4.3bn. This has been offset by rising retail values and steady residential assets.

Canary Wharf Offices Lose Nearly £1bn in Value2024-04-25T16:20:41+00:00

Your Cannot be Serious!

Two shockingly bad cold call emails Do people really believe this works?

Your Cannot be Serious!2024-05-09T14:43:51+00:00
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