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Asda’s New Town Centre in Park Royal

Asda has today unveiled plans for a transformational Mixed-Use Redevelopment of its ten-acre Park Royal site in North West London.

Asda’s New Town Centre in Park Royal2024-05-15T10:31:43+00:00

Has WeWork Finally Shut the Door on Neumann?

As WeWork receives court approval to a $450 rescue plan from its senior creditors, has Adam Neumann finally been shut out in his bid to buy back the company?
The proposed deal will be voted on by creditors on May 30th.

Has WeWork Finally Shut the Door on Neumann?2024-06-19T21:49:09+00:00

Life Sciences Demand for Space Cannot Fill Every Void

As London’s office market continues to go through uncertain times the demand for lab space by the life sciences sector seems to be the answer everybody is relying on at present.

Life Sciences Demand for Space Cannot Fill Every Void2024-06-17T16:11:50+00:00

Canary Wharf Offices Lose Nearly £1bn in Value

More than £900mn has been wiped off the value of Canary Wharf Group’s office buildings, as the financial district landlord secured backing from lenders for a £553mn debt deal. The developer and manager of the London docklands estate reported a 14.7 per cent annual fall in the value of its property holdings to £6.8bn in 2023. Independent valuers heavily marked down its office buildings, which make up a majority of the portfolio, to £4.3bn. This has been offset by rising retail values and steady residential assets.

Canary Wharf Offices Lose Nearly £1bn in Value2024-04-25T16:20:41+00:00

Your Cannot be Serious!

Two shockingly bad cold call emails Do people really believe this works?

Your Cannot be Serious!2024-05-09T14:43:51+00:00

Moody’s Quit Canary Wharf

How significant are the recent financial services departures from Canary Wharf or is the area just, reinventing itself and moving with the times

Moody’s Quit Canary Wharf2024-04-03T12:53:01+00:00

Sell Homes of “Putin’s Cronies”

Sell Homes of "Putin's Cronies" The phrase 'more easy said than done' surely applies here?   All sounds great in theory - sell over a billion quids worth of Russian owned assets and provide new housing for displaced Ukrainians. According to new analysis by City Hall, if the £1.1bn of property identified by Transparency International in 2022 as being bought by Russians accused of corruption or with links to the Kremlin could be sold, it would provide sufficient funding for over 4,000 low-cost homes - lifted from the Beeb Quite a big 'if' and 'but' in there? So any legs or attention grabbing headline?  Would dearly love to voice educated opinion but a quick google of related media articles the breadth of coverage would suggest the latter

Sell Homes of “Putin’s Cronies”2024-06-17T11:09:10+00:00

BT Tower to Become a Hotel

The Post Office Tower, as it was originally known, is set to become a hotel as owners BT Group sell to US group MCR Hotels for £275m.
The BT Tower was London’ tallest building for sixteen years after its opening in 1965 with its microwave aerials playing an essential role in telecommunications.  Telecoms has undergone its own revolution and the Tower’s role has diminished but it still remains a significant London landmark.

BT Tower to Become a Hotel2024-02-21T16:56:55+00:00
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