Moody’s Quit Canary Wharf

How significant are the recent financial services departures from Canary Wharf or is the area just, reinventing itself and moving with the times

Moody’s Quit Canary Wharf2024-04-03T12:53:01+00:00

BT Tower to Become a Hotel

The Post Office Tower, as it was originally known, is set to become a hotel as owners BT Group sell to US group MCR Hotels for £275m.
The BT Tower was London’ tallest building for sixteen years after its opening in 1965 with its microwave aerials playing an essential role in telecommunications.  Telecoms has undergone its own revolution and the Tower’s role has diminished but it still remains a significant London landmark.

BT Tower to Become a Hotel2024-02-21T16:56:55+00:00


WeWork has warned of “significant doubt on the company’s ability to continue as a going concern”, after a £123m loss and revealing it owes its parent co £731m.


Gove Pauses Khan’s Planning Rejection

Housing secretary, Michael Gove, has ordered a six week pause to determine whether he should have the final say on proposals for the MSG Sphere in Stratford

Gove Pauses Khan’s Planning Rejection2023-12-01T07:40:25+00:00

Inflection Point?

British Land’s decision to rebuff Meta’s alternative tenant, for space at Triton Square they never occupied a “sign of confidence in the London office market”?

Inflection Point?2023-11-14T12:35:35+00:00

WeWork exits Houndsditch

WeWork is closing down its 133 Houndsditch site and evicting its tenants. The firm is, supposedly, helping members move to nearby WeWork locations.

WeWork exits Houndsditch2023-12-10T18:02:50+00:00
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